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Take obesity. Everyone knows that increased exercise is one key to fighting weight gain. Problem is, most exercise routines are boring at best and offer no immediate satisfaction. Some are so demanding that just the thought of putting your body into that kind of motion is sufficient turn off. But who among us couldn’t pick up a camera and take an enjoyable walk in the park, snapping shots of interesting things?

Plus in photography, anyone can get recognition, even national recognition in a very short time through online forums and fun photo contests for all skill levels. Whether online, or offline through local photography clubs, the DLSR photography community welcomes all.

Amanda Bennett has created a program called Unit Studies that helps students to see the world as an adventure just waiting to be explored. Each topic in a unit study is integrated with other topics that are affected by it. For instance, when working with water (as mentioned above), children can study oceans. Oceans are not just about water, but the animal and plant life that lives there as well as ships that travel these waterways.

So what’s the answer to the problem? The focus, as in any hobby or pastime, is a continual learning process. In the business world we call it upskilling. Adding competency and qualifications to your existing tool bag will keep you moving up the ladder of promotion. It is the same with photography. Learning is imperative.

To begin, have the camera ready at all times. One of the greatest benefits of Digital Photographyis that you can simply rattle off loads of shots without consequence. And this factor will be greatly to your benefit, not just in cost, but probability to get good photos.

But, that’s superficial. Let’s get deeper down into this. The camera is basically an eye and captures what it sees. So, if you know how to see where a great photo can be shot from then you can simply place the camera there and get great shots.

Use a filter. Just like wearing a pair of sunglasses, filters help to eliminate glare and reflections that can ruin a good picture. Again, consult your digital camera’s manual to know how to do this with your camera.

COOLERS. Drinks coolers are everywhere, not just in the summer either. A great place for a message or a personal note. Drinks companies are an obvious choice, but what of places where the drinks are consumed. What event doesn’t have drinks and drink coolers?

So how do you know what to buy? The answer is forums and review websites. Go check out what the reviewers have to say and then read the forums and hear what people who have bought the camera you are interested in have to say.

I like to compare JPEG’s to shooting with portrait film. It is slightly softer (although not even noticeable to the human eye) and muted, ideal for skin tones, right? Besides, we slap on “softar” filters in front of these outrageously expensive lenses and degrade the image even more. Don’t bother. Shoot with a good lens, in JPEG mode, expose properly, pose and create as usual, and it will all come together. Add any effects later.

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