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Features: 7.2 MP resolution, 3x optical zoom with Super SteadyShot stabilization, 2.5 inch LCD display, ISO 1000 settings allow, less color washout, slide program seeing with select music playback, powered by a lithium-ion battery, and product weight 5 ounces.

Shooting in a rainy day, the most important thing is to safeguard your equipment from water. Now, many SLR have a waterproof cover for Underwater Photography.However, they are constantly a little pricey. A pragmatic method is to put the camera in a plastic bag, and after that set the lens hood. After cutting the plastic in front of the lens, you will have a video camera that can shoot in the rain. In addition, the waterproof bag is likewise essential. Excellent electronic camera bags are always made of water resistant materials, but the basic brand name bags usually not. So, the best method is to set a water resistant cover to the electronic camera bag.

Jupiter and West Palm Beach will amaze you with their interesting shipwrecks and some scuba dive websites have more than one wreck. The Thozina is just among a trio of ships sunk at a synthetic reef called Governor’s River Stroll Reef and is meant for skilled scuba divers.

However naturally, particular features of compact digital video cameras must not be ignored. Despite their little size, they are also efficient in recording terrific pictures under the sea.

The Gulf Stream provides a cleaning action for the marine bio system and brings with it nutrients which provides essential food for the growing marine system.

Surroundings = This reef include a huge wall practically 4 meters high with drop-off’s that causes sandy areas. All along this wall is a ridge that is abundant in marine and coral life. Big rock developments contribute to the landscapes of this reef.

If you are using a full tank when you are doing this test, include 5lbs in order to balance out the air you will utilize up while diving. Likewise, adjust your weight based upon what you are using. The type of wetsuit or dry fit you have on will have an impact. Where you are diving must be brought into the equation too. Everyone is more resilient when they are diving in saltwater rather than freshwater.

While PG is plainly a SCUBA diver’s paradise, there are quite a variety of other activities offered to make your stay filled with a range of experiences. Take, for instance, snorkeling. A special enjoyment by itself is to have a banca take you around a little location of water to witness marine life with a different point of view a great deal of scuba divers might have already forgotten.

Finally another Olympus, the Olympus Stylus 55 WP has 10 megapixels, 3x optical zoom and a 2.5″ LCD display. If you are strapped for cash, you can get this one at just around 0 approximately. Amazon might have even better discount rates if you check it out.

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